KoboChat - PSYKE​!​! (Psy's New Prank Show)

from by Sexy Ladies & Mother Father Gentlemen of Gangnam District

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[Coming up at 8, we got two whole hours of Burn Notice. But right now, it's time for a brand new episode of Psyke. Only on USA - America's Favorite Network.]

Hello, my name is Psy. And welcome to my new prank show - PSYKE!!
For my first prank, I dress as doctor and sneak into a hospital.
Let's check it out!

PSY: Hello, Mrs. Smith?
WOMAN: Yeah?
PSY: Please, sit down. I have some bad news.
WOMAN: ...Huh?
PSY: Your son fucking died
WOMAN: (begins to cry)
PSY: He's dead, bitch.
WOMAN: (sobs harder)
PSY: Hey, guess what.
WOMAN: (holds in tears)
WOMAN: (starts wailing)

That prank was awesome! I laugh so hard in that stupid bitch's face!
Now, for my next prank, I wait in a trashcan so I can jump out and shout "boo"!
Let's check it out!

PSY: Boo- (gets punched and grunts)
GUY: Sorry, what is this?
GUY: What is THIS?? Are you f***ing with me?
PSY: It's a prank
GUY: I don't need this today, I just lost my job!
PSY: Look, I am Psy. I made Gangnam Style.
GUY: I don't give a f*** who you are, motherf*****!
PSY: Hold on, stop!
GUY: You're a dead man. Say your prayers, asshole.
PSY: Wai-


from GANGNAMCORE & Knuckles, released July 17, 2016



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